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November 21, 2012

I can’t believe it’s two days before Thanksgiving. Today I was so giddy at work because my daughter who is away at college was coming home for the holiday. I’m in heaven (cue the angels’ singing) that both of my kiddos are at home under one roof at one time. This warms my heart. I’ll tell you how long this feeling lasts in another post.

I started cooking last weekend. I prepared the cornbread for my own version of a Southern Cornbread Dressing Dressin’. You have to drop the ‘g’ when saying dressin’ and no, it’s not stuffing because I don’t put it inside of the turkey. I’ll post the recipe to the dressin’ for you, in case you were gonna ask. I posted it three years ago on facebook at the request of several friends. I never heard whether anyone made it. I also washed, cut and cooked my collards. Yum. I love collards but almost had a collard calamity when the pork meat (I never know what to purchase to season the collards so I go with the cheapest size of pork whatever) started to burn in the pan. Oops. I should have added water. I added chicken stock instead and NO cider vinegar. I have this new apple allergy thing that sent me to the ER back in May so apples are off limits–cooked, fresh or dried. I get all itchy and in May, my throat started to close.

I love kitchen gadgets but try to buy only what I need. My husband says some of the stuff I buy comes from the ‘S-cuss word for Chelle’ aisle. I disagree because there is no such aisle in any of the stores I shop in. I digress. This year I convinced myself to buy a creme brulee (yeah, none of the accents because I don’t know how to make them appear from the keyboard) torch. I will use it to turn my spiral sliced smoked ham from Aldi’s into a copycat crusted ham from that store that’s starts with Honey… Another friend at work purchased one today too. We can’t wait to use them.

The newest kitchen gadget


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  1. Yolanda permalink

    “S-cuss word for Chelle aisle.”
    Now that’s funny. My husband says I’m a sucker for gadgets. Well, we just spent an insane amount of money at Bed, Bath, and Beyond tonight, and I wasn’t the only one filling the cart!
    I’m excited about your blog. Can’t wait to read more.

  2. I’m a sucker for gadgets too. But I love my creme brulee torch! Although I can’t remember the last time I used it… 😉

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