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Chinese Chicken

December 3, 2012

I try to cook dinner ever week night except Friday. By Friday I’m tired and lack kitchen creativity. This recipe is one of those ‘it started one way but ended up another’ because a. on the way home from work I was struggling with what to cook; b. I had frozen chicken breasts, rice, some sort of frozen veggies and the ingredients to make a stir fry sauce; and c. I needed to cook something that was quick.

My son loves ‘Chinese’ chicken. I buy it from the hot foods section in the mega store that starts with a Wal and ends with a mart. Get it? Anyway, he calls the chicken Chinese chicken.

More than halfway through the dinner preparation, I realized I had NO rice! *WHAAAT?* That’s gotta be against the law in my household especially since two members of the male species in my household could do eat rice every day. The MacGyver in me boiled spaghetti instead. Gah! That made a huge difference.

chase's chinese chicken

1. 3 boneless chicken breasts
2. 2 tbsps dark sesame oil (there is no substitute; this gives the food that Chinese flavor)
3. 1 bottle of sweet chili sauce
4. 1/4 c terikaki marinade (or your own recipe–I used rice wine vinegar, soy sauce and brown sugar)
5. 1 c frozen brocoli
6. 1/4 c olive oil
7. small box of spaghetti
8. 1 c bisquick

Cut the chicken breasts into 1 inch cubes. Toss the chicken with about 1/2 of the teriyaki marinade. Set aside, refrigerate for about 30-45 minutes. (You can skip this step if you want. I did the first time I made this dish.)

Prepare the pasta for boiling. Boil according to the package directions.

Meanwhile heat the olive oil. Remove the chicken from the refrigerator. Toss the chicken in bisquick. Stir fry the chicken in the olive oil in a wok or a skillet on the stove top. Once the chicken is cooked, remove it from the heat source. Drain the chicken on paper towels.

Drain the pasta in a colander that contains the broccoli Drain the pasta and brocoli very well. Put the chicken back on the heat source and dump the pasta and broccoli on top of the chicken. Toss this mixture on medium heat for about 5 minutes–the chicken, pasta and broccoli. If the pasta starts to stick, add a bit more olive oil. The sesame seed oil is strong and has a very distinctive taste so you don’t want to overpower the dish with it. Toss in the sweet chili sauce until the ingredients are well coated. Continue tossing the ingredients until the sauce is heated through.


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