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Who Knew Blackened Chicken Was So Simple!

December 5, 2012

Gah! This chicken was so. durned. good. I mean it. Before I give you the recipe, I must give you the back story because with me there is usually a back story (air quotes).

After a yummy Anniversary dinner with my husband, he challenged me to recreate his meal. Welp. I hadn’t dont much tasting with recreating it in mind and I didn’t take a picture (I know. I know.). I am on a gastronomic mission now that leads me to my spice pusher to find a good tasting blackening spice mixture.

Tonight’s dinner was not the intended recipient of this spice profile, but hey, when the pantry is my world, I go for it!



1 cup of rice
1/4 c frozen corn
1 tbsp butter
2 whole boneless chicken breasts cut into oversized nuggets
4 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp Cajun blackening spice mixture + 1 tbsp for remoulade sauce
1/4 c mayonaise

Mix frozen corn with rice and prepare according to the package.

Heat oil on medium high in a heavy skillet (stainless steel or cast iron)

While oil is heating, coat chicken in blackening spice.

Sear chicken on both sides until cooked through, turning once. This should take about 5-7 minutes. Please watch the chicken so it doesn’t burn or dry out. It will get somewhat smokey. You can turn the heat down. Remove from heat.

When rice is done, add butter.

To make the remoulade sauce for serving, mix the extra 1 tbsp of spice mix with the mayonnaise.

Voilà! Dinner for 3-4 in about 30 minutes.


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