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I Didn’t Stand Over the Stove This Morning Because I Prepared a Christmas Breakfast Casserole.

December 25, 2012

I don’t like to spend a lot of time over a stove on Christmas. I hate having to remove myself from the family excitement to cook. I don’t mind popping a casserole in the oven.

Christmas Breakfast Casserole

8 eggs
6 slices of bread
1 1/2 cups of sausage crumbles
1 cup of cheese
1/2-3/4 c whole milk
8×8 or 9×9 casserole dish

1. Beat the eggs and pour in the casserole dish.

2. Add the milk. Mix to combine.

3. Add salt and pepper (about 1/2 tsp-ish, I don’t measure so I really can’t tell you how much)

4. Tear bread into small pieces and place in the egg mixture. Mix well.

5. Add sausage. Mix well.

6. Add 1 c of the cheese. Mix well.

7. Cover with foil and refrigerate. The next morning, the bread will have absorbed the liquid which is fine.

8. Top with rest of cheese and bake for 45 minutes (no liquid remains). Remove from oven and let rest before cutting. It needs to set before cutting.

Approximately 4-6 servings

Serving suggestion: serve with fresh fruit

Pictures: before refrigerating and after baking




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