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Living Colorfully: red Converse All Stars

December 27, 2012



I must say this: my sister-in-law Debbi is the best gifter. This Christmas she surprised me with two Kate Spade gifts. (We use KS when texting because it’s simpler.) I received a beautiful right hand ring from KS’s ‘Cocktail Colorfully’ collection. It is beautiful. I also received KS’s ‘The Guide to Living Colorfully.’ This is a cute multi edition set that includes ‘Dress Colorfully’, ‘Think Colorfully’, ‘Celebrate Colorfully’, ‘Decorate Colorfully’, ‘Travel Colorfully’, and ‘Charm Colorfully.’

This first conversation is about ‘Dressing Colorfully.’

I don’t remember if I mentioned to my SIL that I asked for red Converses for Christmas. I’m working on upping my ‘red game’ because I seem to be lacking red clothing in honor of my sorority–DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC.

According to the KS book in ‘Dress Colorfully’,

red is a strong color that instantly channels confidence and passion.

Right now, I’m loving the confidence!

I’m recuperating from a cold that brought me down on Christmas Day but I’m going to my closet and figure out how I can ‘live colorfully’ this year.

How do you ‘Dress Colorfully?’ Leave a comment. I look forward to hearing from you!



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