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Don’t Wear a Dress to Work When We’re Expecting a Weather Event!

January 24, 2013

For the second Friday in a row, it’s supposed to snow. What? I tell you, it was as cold as all get out today. And today was probably not the right day to wear a dress. Oh well.

In this part of North Carolina, we go on ‘snow watch’ as I call it. I like to hunker down and wait. I don’t run to buy milk and eggs, although last week I had to go to the grocery store because I hadn’t been in a month! This time, I really need bread and milk and rice and my list could go on. These are the things that I ran out of.

Eight years ago, on January 19, we had light snow flurries that turned a 20 minute trip to my daughter’s school into a two hour tour trip (C’mon, I know the Gilligan’s Island theme song went through your mind.). And then a 30 minute ride from her school to our home turned into a seven hour ride. You heard what I said. Our city made national news that day.

I won’t get into how stressed I was, how paranoid I was that we were gonna run out of gas and how thankful I was that the Burger King near my house was open even though they couldn’t take my debit card because the computer connection was down. I am glad that I could scrape up $2.00 I’m change so Bria and I could buy a burger and fries to share. The cups of water were complimentary. I left work at 2:00, arrived at her school at 4:00 and was at BK at 10:30 or so.

Oh yeah, that day, I chose to wear a dress and heels.

I violated EVERY RULE my dad taught me for emergency preparedness.
1. I had no blanket in the car in case we got stuck or ran out of gas;
2. I had not hidden $20 in my car, just in case I needed it (We sure could have enjoyed our own burgers.);
3. I didn’t wear gloves to work;
and his most critical any weather rule:
4. My gas tank was at less than half a tank when I started this trek.

Moral of the story: don’t wear a dress to work when we are expecting a weather event!


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