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I Didn’t Forget! Shrimp and the Museum

March 3, 2013

I didn’t forget about my peeps! I’ve been super busy with some other things, primarily work. But I’m baaaaack.

Yesterday I met fellow foodie Johanna Kramer. I met her at my spice stompin’ ground Savory Spice Shop in Raleigh. Johanna was signing a new shipment of her book. Because I promised my kids I wouldn’t stay and talk (ice been known to hang out for a very long time) I ran in, picked up my spice blends and was on my merry way. Johanna gave me her card.

Yesterday, I spent time with my nearly 19 year old daughter, my son, my niece, her husband and the cutest 2 year old on the planet, their son P (I won’t be using his name). We went to the science museum complex–it truly is a complex of complex and interesting things. My daughter was on a mission to get pictures for her entomology class project (she’s a freshman at a very large land grant college in NC) and my son was along for the ride.


Before touring the museum (we’ve been there a billion times but this was our first time in the new part), we had lunch in the Daily Planet Cafe. Can I say YUM! Gah. My small plate (code words for ‘you’re getting a small amount of food artfully plated and pleasing to the eyes and palate) of pecan shrimp with honey cream and local slaw was wonderful. It was just enough for lunch and priced just right. It’s owned by a local restaurant group that focuses on locally sourced, scratch-made foods. They own one of my favorite restaurants, the Twisted Fork.

Anyhoo, I got to thinking about the meal. The shrimp were perfectly flash fried with a dusting of…cornstarch? white wheat flour? Who knows? Lightly tossed with this honey cream and topped with a small roasted pecan. All six of them. They surrounded the ‘local’ slaw. I’m not sure what made it local but it didn’t look like I expected. It was shredded napa cabbage with julienned red pepper strips and tossed in a delicate vinaigrette. It was the perfect complement to the shrimp. So now I’m on to recreating the dish using small pieces of chicken or even a tilapia filet since my husband can’t eat shrimp. I’ll keep you posted.


All that being said, I’ve prepared for today’s menu which is not that shrimp dish I was just talking about. I have to think on that!

Today’s dinner menu will consist of a reprise of jerk chicken, rice and black beans, candied yams (I’m allergic to plantains) and some type of vegetable.

Can you believe it’s March already? Happy belated birthday to my dear sister in law Debbi. She’s the best! Love her! Muah!


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