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Good Friday! Wall Art

March 29, 2013

I just can’t stand to let a day off go by without a project, unless I’m sick of course. Well, today’s a great day! It’s Good Friday and the time that we Christians are in our final spiritual preparations for Easter Sunday! My Jewish friends have been honoring their roots by celebrating Passover this week.

Anyhoo. I’ve had these oversized canvas that I covered in burlap hanging around in my house for about a year. The canvas is upcycled from my 12 year old son’s 5th birthday party table cloth (see I was doing the burlap thing before it was chic to do so). The canvas is upcycled from an art project gone wrong.

You cannot imagine how long I’ve searched for the right piece of artwork to hang on this huge wall I over my sofa. I mean this wall is about 16-20 feet long, empty and white. Ugh. Let me just say, yuck!

With a little ingenuity and determination, I stumbled upon the perfect idea on Pinterest! I set out this morning to buy an oversized stencil that was modern and fresh. This is not your mother’s stencil–all country and what not. I’m not hating on my friends, readers and followers who like that decorating style, it just doesn’t fit in my decorating style.

Off to Michael’s and AC Moore I go. While at Michael’s an older woman asked me to help her match some paint. She said I must be an art teacher–picked a perfect match. *made my day* Because Michael’s (is that double apostrophe correct to show possession in this sense?) didn’t have a great oversized stencil selection, I went to AC Moore.

Voilá! I found the perfect stencil. I picked my paint colors–red, burnt umber and lime green–and mosied on home. After testing the colors on the burlap, I hated the green because it looked too lime-y. Yes, I said lime-y. I added some burnt umber and it was perfect!

Because I used some stuff i had at home, the total cost for this project was $21!

Here’s the final product:


How to:

Supplies: canvas covered with burlap, spray adhesive (the repositionable kind), acrylic paints, small sponge paint rollers, plates (to put the paint on) and stencil of your choice.

1. Test your paint on the burlap for color appropriateness.

2. Use spray adhesive to temporarily place the stencil on the burlap. Follow the directions for the adhesive. Mark the registration marks from the stencil onto the burlap if you will be repeating the design on the burlap.

3. Roll the paint on the stencil.

4. Once completed, let dry.


UPDATE: My husband saw the wall art when he came home. He said he liked it! I didn’t even ask if he did!!! Warms my heart. Tomorrow, I shall paint the front door (exterior).


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  1. CelesteP permalink

    I love your idea….! We too, have an oversized wall above our sofa, right beside a panel of pewter curtains that soar 18′ to the ceiling! I’m inspired to renew my search for the perfect wall art 🙂

    • It took me forevuh! The original plan for this house would have included a two story family room, but we opted for the builder to add a bonus room in that space. The wall is still bare, but no so bare. I will think about some companion pieces. Haha

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