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Shut the Front Door! Watching Paint Dry.

March 30, 2013


The weather was so beautiful yesterday that I decided that it was ’bout time to paint the front door. Yes, we are that house. The house with the jacked up front door. Really it’s not so bad who am I fooling?. -_- it just needed some love in the form of paint and manual labor. You know me, I’m not paying anyone to paint it for me. It just paint and it isn’t rocket science.

It’s not me if I don’t research the mess out of a new project because I want to get it just right. See, if my daddy were alive, I’d call him and he’d go into the recesses of his encyclopedic mind to tell me exactly what to do. You have to understand, I’ve researched this project off and on for months. With no screen door and a dog who will jet out the front door any chance he gets AND the prospect of flies and other insects entering the house, I was stressed. How do I prevent the outdoors from coming in. I’M NOT AN OUTDOORS PERSON.

My daughter, the entomology student at North Carolina State University, told me that I should
not have insect problems now. It’s been too cold and many aren’t out now. She also told me if I do get flies, I should turn on the AC to make it cold in the house. They will die because they can’t survive in very cold temperatures. Nonetheless, I still feel the need to stand guard at my front door. What if a critter comes in? Heck. Who am I foolin’? What the ham sandwich would I do if one came inside. My husband is out playing golf. I guess I’d call my BFF’s husband to catch it.

How did I do this?
1. Purchased a quart of exterior semi gloss latex paint that was a paint and primer combo. Make sure you purchase the right paint because you can’t put latex on top of oil unless you prime it first. Oil takes forever to dry.

2. Purchased a good quality 2 inch angled brush.

3. Purchased a mini foam roller for doors and cabinets.

4. I prepped the door by sanding some of the chipped areas and wiping it down with a damp cloth.

5. I taped off the hardware and taped the drop cloth to my floor.

6. My son put the dog in his crate.

7. I used the angled brush to cut in the frames, around the hardware and in areas where the roller won’t fit. I rolled the paint on the longer portions of the door in the direction of the grain or the longest strokes. Two coats later. It only took about 20 minutes per coat to paint. I let it dry about an hour between coats. It’s been drying for about 3 hours at this point. I think I can SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! It’s more than dry to the touch.

Before and after:




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