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I Know Which Side My Bread’s BUTTERed On!

April 10, 2013


This venture keeps me right alongside my southern roots, just not modern southern roots. On today’s venture I made BUTTER. Yep! Butter. Why? Because I can! But why you still ask. A dear friend and Soror told me she made butter for a scratch made cake. Wow! Very impressed.

Figuring it took hours to make butter, I was content to think WOW. I hadn’t asked how she made it because I didn’t ever imagine I’d make butter. All I could think about was olden times with a woman who looked like Holly Hobby was churning butter in one of those wooden churns.

I decided to research making butter and learned that I had the primary modern kitchen appliance–my kitchenaid stand mixer. Love. I ran the technique by that friend whom I mentioned earlier. Yep. That’s what she used. In fact, she’s the one who shamed me when I told her I didn’t own a kitchenaid stand mixer about three years ago. She encouraged me to ask my husband for one for Christmas. Other than my engagement ring, this is the Christmas gift I’ve gotten the most use from. Love.

Today I had to take my college aged daughter to Harris Teeter for supplies for a dorm program and I couldn’t resist. I bought a pint of heavy whipping cream and a fresh French baguette from their bakery. My daughter’s used to my folly and just kept it moving like this was normal for anyone to walk past the dairy case filled with butter, select whipping cream to make butter and leave very excited to make butter. Yes. I’m doing too much. Being extra. It’s okay.

All you need is 1 pint of heavy whipping cream, 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of salt and your kitchenaid stand mixer. At most it took 20 minutes. I began making it while our dinner was cooking–actually the fingerling potatoes were roasting. The butter was ready to be served with bread at dinner.

Instead of writing out the instructions, I’m sending you to the website I used: Brooklyn Farmhouse. I chose this site because it had great pictures.

I don’t plan to make our family’s butter for the rest of our lives, but I sure plan to make butter again ’cause I can.

Here are step by step pictures of my butter making venture.









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