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What’s for Dinner? (Oh Crap! I Don’t Know!)

April 29, 2013


It’s the age old, cliche question I get from my crew–what’s for dinner? When I don’t have a thought in my mind and I haven’t put meat in the ‘fridge the night before to defrost it, I’m in trouble.

All. The. Meat. Is. Frozen. Rock. Solid. Sooo, what will thaw out in the microwave and not be compromised in texture by doing so? Dontcha hate when some parts of the meat begin to cook before being thawed in the microwave? Well, I do. But cooking some meat from a partially frozen state is fine–ground beef to make spaghetti, same for chicken breast fillets if your grilling them or baking/broiling them. I digress.

So I stumble upon two Italian sausage links that I nicely wrapped in freezer paper, labeled and placed in those plastic freezer bags that rhyme with Lip-Zoc! Ha! I pulled out a partially full bag of egg noodles and decided I’d make a casserole of some sort. Because I had not put away the jar of chicken bouillon cubes from the night before, I figured I’d use some to season the water for the egg noodles.

After defrosting the sausage, I cut a slit down the side to remove the casing. I figured it’d be quicker to cook the sausage if I cooked it in pieces. Let me tell you, it was easier and it made it looks like I had a TON of sausage. I browned the sausage on the stove top.

After draining the noodles and browning the sausage, I dumped them together in a square glass dish, the size you bake brownies in. Well with a casserole, you need some ‘glue’ not cream of anything soup here because I think it’s gross and all of it tastes like it came out of a can to pull the ingredients together. Hmmm.

Whelp, I have milk, eggs and cheese. I heated some milk, added two eggs and prayed they didn’t scramble because I didn’t temper them. I added a couple of handfuls of fiesta blend cheese to the milk mixture. Voilà! Believe it or not, I’ve seen some people spell that word ‘Walla.’ Seriously?. I poured this mixture over the noodles and sausage, topped it with a bit of the cheese blend and sprinkled some Parmesan cheese on top for good measure. I put it on the oven to bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Isn’t that the formula for all casseroles?

My fingers are crossed. I’m waiting for it to bake. I’m sipping in Kool-Aid lemonade and am too lazy to change the channel from Sponge Bob, yeah, the remote doesn’t work. When the casserole ‘s done I’ll get up.

If it looks good, I’ll take and post a picture. If not, I may still post a picture. Who knows?

RESULT: It turned out great!!! Gah, it is so good. Now I need to create a recipe so I can repeat this casserole.



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