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Smoothie Like a Sunday Morning!

May 26, 2013


This was some kind of good! Gah.

I don’t usually mix dairy and fruit, but I did this morning. It all started with that yucky allergic reaction to a facial moisturizer last week. I have been on prednisone the miracle drug from hell all this week. It causes all sorts of crazy temporary side effects–sleeplessness, headaches and water retention. But may face is clear from the reaction. Anyway, on Friday, after a long day not really because I was enjoying running errands on my day off, I noticed that my feet were swollen which is not how I roll unless I’m pregnant but that ain’t the case so don’t start the rumor! And GASP! My ankles were swollen too. Ugh! What to do?

Because my life revolves around ‘doing the research’, of course I did the research. Yep, fluid retention in the lower legs can be a side effect. So I read on. Blah blah blah. I find out that you have to drink more water to retain less water (umm ok) and there’s something about the sodium blah blah and that potassium helps balance something or other it made sense a couple of days ago, probably the sodium, which is part of the water retention. I get to drinking water. I realized I had had three Cokes within the 24 hours prior to this ‘incident.’ Oh yeah, caffeine is a culprit too. Whoops!

Because I HAD to run to Walmart to get the largest bag of laundry detergent pods in the world 77 of them, for a hot minute, I considered purchasing a diuretic. Nah. Too much research ahead of me. So I decided to handle my business. I found a smoothie made with fruits that I like that are high in potassium. I can’t have bananas because I’m allergic to them–hospital action.

On Saturday, after my first installation of my Couch to 5K, I head to Whole Paycheck in my running/walking gear like all the cool moms–except my gear wasn’t as cool as theirs. My Saucony Progrid Guide 6 shoes and my technical socks were on point though. Haha. I had on my Wayfarers of course. I digress. I purchase the Whole Foods for my smoothie and one of their Memorial Day meal bundles for my family.

Here’s what I purchased (sorry no pictures):

1 large very juicy red grapefruit
1 small cup’s worth of strawberries from the salad bar (I later froze these)
1 365-brand vanilla-flavored Greek yogurt

You will also need 1/2 cup of orange juice but I had that at home.

Here’s what I did:

I removed the grapefruit skin and cut the fruit probably some seeds too and placed all of it in the blender. I added the frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup orange juice and 1/2 cup of yogurt and blended until smooth. What the heck? It’s a smoothie! Duh!! (The original recipe I found online called for a banana (I’m allergic), honey and wheat germ.)

It was perfect. I didn’t add honey. The sweetness from the strawberries (or strawbears as my boss Mary’s 20 month old son E calls them) and the orange juice was just enough. Plus the red grapefruit was just so danged good.

Oh yeah, my ankles are no longer swollen but it’s probably because of all the water I drank. They went down before I even made the smoothie. Haha.

Isn’t the paper straw so retro?


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