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About Me

I was born, raised and educated in the South to parents of the same ilk. I had a wonderful childhood; wonderful parents and wonderful opportunities. I was a competitive ice-skater and gymnast back when ice skating and gymnastics opportunities were not plentiful at all and neither were the numbers of African American students. Let’s just say I could count the number of African American competitors on my team (ice skating and gymnastics) on two hands for the combined teams. This was the early-mid 70s. I competed in both sports for nearly five years. I went to Catholic school for six years and transitioned to public school in the seventh grade.

I love to cook! I didn’t learn to cook at the hem of my mom’s apron (she only wore an apron when she was cooking something special and was already dressed for the event). I did some basic cooking as a kid, teenager and college student. Verrry basic. I always loved it when my mom tried new recipes and new cuisines. I would help her; she always felt if you can read you can cook. I believe that too.

There are many ‘traditional’ southern or soul foods that I don’t eat and some that I despise–chittlins (if you grew up on the black side of town) or chitterlings elsewhere (from what I’ve heard), yellow squash, melons of any kind, persimmons, papaya, okra (fried and especially boiled), oxtails, oysters of any kind, scallops, pig feet (or is that pig’s feet?), pigs ears, pigs stomach, pigs knuckles, etc. You get the picture.

I’ll try most any food or cuisine. My philosophy is that if there is a broth, I can make it work. There may be some tripe left in the bowl of Pho or some other swimmy looking stuff, but I’ll make it work. When I visit another region within the United States or another country, I LOVE to visit the local grocery store as my own anthropological study of what people eat. I find some of the best souvenirs in grocery stores. Real Canadian maple syrup in the cute little maple leaf bottle is much cheaper in the grocery store.

As you can imagine, I prefer to eat locally although that’s sometimes tough to convince my crew (husband and kids as a group) to do. Who goes to the Olive Garden when visiting NYC? This chick, her kids and her husband. In protest, I ate some salad and the bread. I’m still not an OG fan. My husband’s philosophy is that there is some level of consistency with a chain. Um, well, if you love chain food. I prefer a scratch kitchen using locally sourced ingredients. Now that’s good eatin’.

Oh yeah, for my full time day work, I’m an attorney who working for a large non-profit organization. My full time 24 hour day work is being a mom and wife. I love my kiddos and my husband. And Prince our crazy pomeranian.

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  1. Anna Choi permalink

    I’m looking forward to the journey!

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